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The Forefront of Technology


The core competency of LIB-X Consulting is founded on leveraging over 33-yr. of diverse private industry, government, and academic experience in aerospace battery power systems to meet customer technical, cost and schedule requirements.  LIB-X’s technical depth and programmatic breadth across a wide range of aerospace platforms enables a unique systematic approach to meeting customer needs across the entire life cycle of LIB power systems.

The LIB-X focus remains at the forefront of technology, science, and engineering to ensure clients benefit from the latest advances across industry and academia. The application of LIB-X advisory expertise helps customers solve complex lithium-ion battery program challenges to effectively mitigate risk and ensure mission success.

LIB-X Consulting also specializes in technical leadership roles on independent technical reviews, non-advocate reviews, failure investigations, and related activities.

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Cost Effective Solutions


LIB-X Consulting advocates a systems engineering approach to the development of design requirements, constructive peer review,  and implementation of cost-effective design solutions to meet customer needs.  In this manner, compliant solutions to complex design challenges can be achieved without creating undesired cost, schedule, and technical risk. 

Advisory services include critical review of technical trade studies, new technology assessments, and evaluation of supply chain management plans.  A special focus on LIB state-of-maturity assessments via participation in technical design reviews to verify methods of compliance with respect to functional and performance requirements is also available.

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Quality Control at Every Stage



LIB manufacturing and production is the key process step that drives product quality into the battery power system energy storage capability.  As such, attention to detail during every stage of the cell and battery manufacturing process is critical to meeting performance and safety test requirements.

LIB-X Consulting has extensive “hands-on” experience with lithium-ion cell and battery manufacturing processes and procedures across a variety of suppliers.  To ensure high product quality assurance, advisory services include on-site cell and battery manufacturer quality audits, manufacturing and test readiness review assessments, test data analysis, and product sell-off support.

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Recent industry mishaps with in-service lithium-ion batteries has had a significant impact on the public acceptance of early deployment of advanced LIB energy storage systems for high reliability applications.  Continued confidence in the safe and reliable deployment of aerospace LIB’s depends on the implementation of verifiable safety design features, stringent cell-level screening processes, and safety validation via relevant test protocols.

LIB-X Consulting offers a wide breadth of LIB safety evaluation services including cell-level evaluations, safety test plan and procedure development, LIB safety and hazards assessments and LIB failure mode and effects analysis.  LIB-X also specializes in root cause and corrective action (RCCA) analyses, fault tree analysis, and risk-opportunity assessments across the entire LIB life cycle.

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