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GM’s Electric Dream in China Suddenly Looks Underpowered | The Wall Street Journal

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Dr. Tom Barrera was recently quoted about battery safety and testing standards in The Wall Street Journal. The article, GM’s Electric Dream in China Suddenly Looks Underpowered, examines why the launch of a new Buick electric vehicle was put on hold until a different battery supplier could be identified. According to the article, the Chinese made batteries GM intended to use in the new hybrid Buick Velite 6 failed to meet performance and safety standards during testing.

Barrera was quoted in the article stating, "There are concerns with the quality of Chinese-manufactured cells and batteries. Chinese cells are very attractive because they are inexpensive, but people may not realize that these cells may not have gone through the necessary qualification testing before going to market."

The Wall Street Journal subscribers may view the entire article here. The original article was published on August 29, 2018 by the Wall Street Journal and written by Trefor Moss.

Man looking into the passenger's side window of a Hybrid Buick Velite 6 at Beijing auto show.
Hybrid Buick Velite 6 at the Beijing Auto Show

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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