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What Sets Us Apart

The core competency of LIB-X Consulting is founded on leveraging over 3 decades of diverse private industry, government and academic experience in aerospace battery power systems. We strive for innovation and work carefully in order to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients. We remain at the forefront of LIB technology, science, and engineering to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest advances across industry and academia. The application of LIB-X advisory expertise helps customers solve complex LIB program challenges to effectively mitigate risk and ensure mission success.

Dr. Tom P. Barrera

Battery Expert Dr. Tom Barrera sitting on the beach smiling.

Founder & President

The mission of LIB-X Consulting is to provide Lithium-Ion solutions for today's marketplace. 

With over 35-yr. of combined private industry, government, and academic experience, Dr. Tom P. Barrera has built the foundation of LIB-X on providing practical solutions to the toughest technical challenges facing today’s growing Lithium-Ion Battery market.

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