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Battery Safety

Design & Test 

The severity and consequences of a catastrophic lithium-ion battery safety incident has the potential to delay the introduction of new consumer electronics applications, increase product recurring cost, and ultimately decrease consumer confidence. More importantly, the consequences of a catastrophic lithium-ion battery failure increases the need for accelerating public safety awareness of emerging high-energy battery energy storage technologies. Recent high-profile industry lithium-ion battery safety incidents further underscores the importance for a better understanding of battery design-for-safety principles, hazard controls, and safety requirements compliance.

At LIB-X Consulting, we bring a wealth of industry experience to assessing customer needs for evaluating all safety aspects of lithium-ion battery based applications. This includes expert knowledge of industry battery safety regulations and codes, implementation of safety test protocols for certification, and safe battery design principles. LIB-X consulting emphasizes a holistic systems-level approach to safe lithium-ion battery design, test, and deployment.

In 2019, Tom was the lead organizer for the Battery Safety and Failure Modes symposium held at the 235th Electrochemical Society (ECS) Spring Mtg. (Dallas, TX) and currently serves as a project lead for the NASA Engineering Safety Center electrical power discipline team. Tom is also an active core subcommittee member for developing new battery safety standards such as the AIAA S-136 (Space Lithium Battery Safety) and SAE G-21B (Counterfeit and Substandard Battery Risk Mitigation).

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