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Your Questions Answered 

Consulting Services

Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

No. There is no cost or obligation to discuss your immediate business needs relative to any battery power system challenges impacting your project, program, or organization.

What are your fees?

Fees are based on an hourly rate consistent with client expectations for high-quality products and services. Contact LIB-X consulting for more details.

Is a retainer fee required?

No. New clients are not required to establish a retainer fee with LIB-X Consulting. However, clients interested in a long-term agreement which brings high-priority access to LIB-X Consulting services may consider the benefits of a retainer agreement.

What about travel reimbursement?

LIB-X Consulting may bill for all reasonable transportation, lodging, meal expenses, and incidentals for required travel which is pre-approved by the client.

What test support can LIB-X Consulting provide?

LIB-X Consulting provides cell and battery test support such as test requirements definition, test equipment evaluations, test plan and procedure development.

What about test data analysis?

LIB-X consulting specializes in detailed test data analysis. Test reports can be provided to aid in further analysis and reporting to interested stakeholders.

Does LIB-X Consulting own or operate battery laboratory test facilities?

No. LIB-X Consulting does not own or operate laboratory test facilities.

Expert Witness

Why use LIB-X Consulting for expert witness services?

LIB-X consulting has the needed depth and breadth of knowledge typically required to meet the diverse academic and professional requirements of a qualified expert witness. Moreover, Tom’s diverse teaching and speaking experience enables him to explain complex subject matter in a clear and understandable manner.

What qualifies LIB-X Consulting to perform expert witness services?

The core expertise of LIB-X Consulting is founded on a unique blend of technical expertise and excellent communication skills to best meet client requirements. Dr. Barrera’s recognized technical leadership in both academic and industry environments also provides him with access to a wide range of battery-related resources.


What educational classes does LIB-X Consulting teach?

LIB-X Consulting specializes in delivering coursework covering the entire life cycle of lithium-ion battery technologies. This includes topics related to lithium battery design, manufacturing, test, transportation, and safety.

Can class content be tailored to my organizations unique needs?

Yes. Course content can be tailored to fit the unique needs of most any organization serving a given marketplace.


What professional and academic qualifications make Tom a battery expert?

Tom’s battery expertise is based on over 33 years of relevant professional experience in the growing and diverse field of energy storage and conversion devices. Academically, Tom remains at the leading edge of beyond state-of-the-art research developments by his on-going teaching, speaking, and technical leadership activities.

Can I get a list of references to verify Tom’s qualifications?

Yes. References are available upon request.

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