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Teaching & Mentoring

Throughout his career, Tom has placed a high priority on teaching and mentoring as a means to effect knowledge transfer.  Whether it’s creating new course content for PhD/MS-level graduate students or mentoring freshmen engineering students on industry career opportunities, Tom has been successful in guiding students at all levels of higher education.

Recently, Tom recognized a growing industry-wide need for expert educational services in the area of lithium-ion battery technology.  To meet these industry needs, Tom leads the development and delivery of new lithium battery technology short courses to a wide variety of industry professionals.  Available in various learning environments, Tom is prepared to provide educational services on the general understanding of lithium-ion principles and fundamentals.  This includes general educational topics such as battery design, manufacturing, testing, transportation, and safety engineering.

Under contract to John Wiley & Sons, Tom is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief for the worlds first-ever technical reference book on aerospace lithium-ion batteries titled, "Spacecraft Lithium-Ion Battery Power Systems". The new book (ISBN 978-11-19772-14-9) provides a comprehensive treatment of spacecraft lithium-ion battery power systems in terms of the entire battery product life cycle. The book is forecasted to be published (John Wiley & Sons, IEEE book series) in March, 2022.

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