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Tom awarded Best Paper at the AIAA OC ASAT Conference

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Tom was pleased to be awarded the 2017 Gohardani Presentation Award in Aeronautics and Aerospace at the 14th Annual AIAA Southern California Aerospace Systems and Technology (ASAT) Conference and Banquet, Santa Ana, CA, USA on May 13. Tom's paper titled, "Integrating Lessons Learned from Commercial Aviation Lithium Battery Faults: NASA ISS SAFER Battery Safety Assessment" discussed how lessons learned from aviation industry lithium battery mishaps have been integrated into the wider aerospace community. The award was presented to Tom in the Senior Category as having the most thought-provoking and exceptional all-around presentation. Award criteria was also based on content, reasoning, organization, timing, management, style, clarity, interactivity, engagement with the audience, and overall feedback. A complete description of ASAT 2017 highlights can be found in the October 2017 issue of Aerospace America. Left-to-right (Dr. Omid Gohardani, Dr. T. Barrera, and Dr. Amir S. Gohardani).

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