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VoyageLA Interview's Dr. Tom Barrera about his Journey as an Aerospace Lithium-Ion Battery Expert.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Home for Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tom, Joan, Bunke and Wolfy at LIB-X Consulting !

To welcome 2019, VoyageLA e-magazine interviewed Tom to discuss his personal journey from growing up on a California Central Valley plum farm, his first "real job" as a NASA Space Shuttle engineer, the impact of role models and mentors on career growth, and what led to the opening of LIB-X Consulting.

Beginning the Journey (Excerpt)

I was the first person in my family to receive a formal college degree. After I received my BS in Chemical Engr and BA in Math-Economics from UC-Santa Barbara, I left home for the first time to pursue an MS in Industrial Engr from Northwestern University. Located far from Santa Barbara in windy Chicago, I quickly discovered Chicago-style pizza and Bears football. I now had the chance to learn what it meant to be truly independent. Graduation brought the eerie realization that I had to get my first “real” job and earn a living to help pay off my student loans.

About LIB_X (Excerpt)

LIB-X Consulting fills a growing need for expertise in the broad area of energy storage solutions for the aerospace, transportation, and consumer electronics industry. New opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint through more efficient and cost-effective energy usage benefit from creative and innovative technical solutions. For example, the Long Beach area has seen a dramatic increase in electric scooters for transportation between downtown, Belmont Shore, and surrounding areas. This new means of electrified transportation benefits from the high performance and low cost of rechargeable lithium-ion battery technologies.

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