• Dr. Tom Barrera

New Book: Spacecraft Lithium-Ion Battery Power Systems

Updated: Sep 7

Helps Readers Better Understand the Design, Development, Test, and Safety Engineering of Spacecraft Lithium-ion Battery Power Systems

Written by highly experienced spacecraft engineers and scientists working at the heart of the industry, Spacecraft Lithium-Ion Battery Power Systems is one of the first books to provide a comprehensive treatment of the broad area of spacecraft battery power systems technology. The work emphasizes the technical aspects across the entire lifecycle of spacecraft batteries including the requirements, design, manufacturing, testing, and safety engineering principles needed to field a reliable spacecraft electrical power system.

A special focus on rechargeable lithium-ion battery technologies as they apply to manned and unmanned Earth-orbiting satellites, Cubesats, planetary mission spacecraft (such as orbiters, landers, rovers and probes), and launch vehicle applications is emphasized. Using a systems engineering approach, the book smoothly bridges knowledge gaps that typically exist between academic and industry practitioners. Sample topics of discussion and learning resources included in the work include:

  • Detailed systematic technical treatment of spacecraft LIB power systems across the entire lithium-ion battery life cycle

  • Principles of lithium-ion cell and battery design, battery management systems, electrical power systems, safety engineering, life cycle testing, ground processing, and on-orbit mission operations

  • Special topics such as requirements engineering, qualification testing, safety hazards and controls, reliability analysis, life modelling and prediction, on-orbit battery power system management, and decommissioning strategies

  • New and emerging on-orbit space applications of LIBs supporting commercial, civil, and government spacecraft missions (International Space Station, Galileo, James Webb Telescope, Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, Europa Clipper)

  • Real space industry case studies of deployed Earth-orbiting satellite, astronaut, and planetary mission spacecraft lithium-ion batteries

Overall, the work provides professionals supporting the commercial, civil, and government aerospace marketplace with key knowledge and highly actionable information pertaining to lithium-ion batteries and their specific applications in modern spacecraft systems.

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