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Understanding Lithium-Ion Battery Safety & Failure Modes

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Dr. Tom Barrera (LIB-X Consulting) and Dr. Boryann Liaw (Idaho National Laboratories) will be co-instructing a new 1-day short course titled, “Battery Safety and Failure Modes”, in conjunction with the 235th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Dallas, TX (May 26, 2019).

Offering and developing this new short course is a reflection of the expanding need for an increased understanding of lithium-ion battery design-for-safety principles, hazard controls, and safety test protocols.

The course will introduce students to the building blocks of cell, module, and battery safe-by-design principles based on system-level safety requirements. In addition, design strategies for mitigating the risk of lithium-ion battery thermal runaway hazards will be addressed. Special topics such as battery prognostics, diagnostics, and management system strategies will also be presented.

The short course complements the conference Battery Safety and Failure Modes symposium generously sponsored by Thermal Hazard Technology.

A course description and registration details can be found here. Looking forward to meeting you in Dallas!

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